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Confirmation L1 Faith Formation Class

Confirmation L1 Faith Formation Class


Posted by Mrs Amanda Garcia on 12/06/20

Good morning, this is the class and assignments for this week. Please remember that all assignments including the Mass question are due Saturday 8PM, before our next class. I will need time to go over the returned work. I want the students to have grasped the main ideas of ... Read More »


Posted by Mrs Amanda Garcia on 11/22/20

I'm starting out this post with a little Thank you to the students who continue to come to class and turn in their work. Your hard work will pay off before you know it!! Our news for the week is...No class next week. Have a great Thanksgiving and be ... Read More »

November 15, 2020

Posted by Jamie Sandona on 11/17/20

Good Morning!  This week is our Family Class. We will be working out of our Decision Point Book today. The journal Activities for 1.4 and 1.5, plus the Crossword will be the assignments due for this week.    Our Mass question is.....How will the reading from today help you ... Read More »

November 8, 2020

Posted by Jamie Sandona on 11/08/20

Good morning,


This link is your link to today's Mass!

YOur zoom invite is below, please remember our meeting time is Today at 12pm.

An email will be going out shortly to parents with the password for class. The email will also contain your homework and ... Read More »

November 1st zoom class.

Posted by Ms Jennifer Whitefoot on 11/01/20

Hello everyone,

I will not be holding zoom class today because of the holiday yesterday. I would like the students to watch the video I am going to link here and then tell me the connection between baptism and confirmation which is what they will learn in this video. ... Read More »

October 25th Zoom class

Posted by Ms Jennifer Whitefoot on 10/25/20

Hello everyone,

I hope you all had a great week. I have started confirmation  prep with the students this week. Some of the videos shown today did not get picked up in the zoom recording. Please have the students go to and go to for your parish and ... Read More »

October 18th Zoom meeting

Posted by Ms Jennifer Whitefoot on 10/18/20

Hello Everyone,

There was an error recording today's zoom class. So I would like the students to read chapter 3 and do the green box on page 65. I would also like them to email through you the parents, their response to the question "what is your relationship with ... Read More »

Today's Zoom class

Posted by Ms Jennifer Whitefoot on 10/11/20

Hello Everyone,

It was good to have everyone in class today. Here is the link for those who were unable to join us. .

I hope you have a good week and I will see everyone next week.


Ms. Jennifer

October 11 zoom class

Posted by Ms Jennifer Whitefoot on 10/10/20

Hello Everyone,

Tomorrow is our next Zoom meeting. I sent out invitations to the meeting through the emails provided. The meeting will be at 1pm tomorrow. Please encourage your students to participate in class. Don't forget that a question about mass will be asked during class tomorrow. The mass ... Read More »

First Zoom Class

Posted by Ms Jennifer Whitefoot on 10/04/20

Hello Students and Families, 

Today we hellp our first zoom class. I hope that through these classes that the students will start to understand more about their faith and start to understand what it means to be Catholic and why getting Confirmed is important. I have given the students ... Read More »


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