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St Adalbert Parish News Blog

St Adalbert Parish News Blog

Holy Name Society Christmas Brunch

Posted by Nancy Sterbavy on 10/26/21

St. Adalbert Holy Name Society Annual Christmas Brunch will be on Sunday December 12th,

2021 from 11:30a.m. till 2p.m in the parish hall. There will be a free will offering,  50/50 and

Christmas raffle tickets. Raffle tickets are $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00, and are also available for

... Read More »

Interdenominational Prayer Service

Posted by Nancy Sterbavy on 10/26/21

On Sunday November 21, 2021 at 2:00 p.m. , St. Adalbert Church will be hosting the Interdenominational Prayer Service. There will a collection for the Whiting Food Pantry.With all that is going on in the world we need prayers more than ever.

  Jesus,I Trust In You 

Thank You Again

Posted by Nancy Sterbavy on 10/20/21

The kindness and generosity of our donator's, shoppers and volunteers once again made our Rummage Sale a success! Many thanks to all! Watch for info about 2022 Rummage Sales in the Spring Blog and Bulletin.

         Where Charity And Love Prevail, God Is There!

Bishop McClory’s Summer Visit

Posted by Nancy Sterbavy on 9/23/21

                                                A Visit From Bishop McClory


On Saturday July 24, during Pierogi Fest weekend, Bishop Robert McClory met the parishioners of St. Adalbert Church and celebrated ... Read More »

October Rummage Sale

Posted by Nancy Sterbavy on 9/23/21

                                                       Rummage Sale


On Saturday October 16th 2021, from 9-2 ,St. Adalbert Parish will being having a Rummage Sale. This is our ... Read More »

Rummage Sale

Posted by Nancy Sterbavy on 9/03/21

                          ST.  ADALBERT  PRAY  FOR  US 


Birthday’s and Anniversary’s

Posted by Nancy Sterbavy on 9/03/21

Hi Everyone, I'm Nancy and I'm doing St. Al's Website. I had an idea and need your input. Remember years ago in our bulletin when we had weekly votive lights? When we read the intentions we knew when it was was a birthday or anniversary or if someone was ... Read More »


Posted by Jamie Sandona on 8/17/21

Welcome to St. Adalbert News Blog.

My name is Nancy and I am going to be managing the St. Adalbert Parish page on the website. Our Blog Posts will be similar to our parish newsletter. Please check back often to see what is happening in our community. 




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