St. John The Baptist


St. John the Baptist welcomes the opportunity to enter an agreement with parents to meet their child’s/children’s spiritual, educational and social needs while enrolled in a school devoted to the work of Catholic education. As part of this agreement, parents agree to pay the determined fees and tuition.

Application Procedures

  • St. John the Baptist admits students without any discrimination in regard to race, ethnic origin, or creed, though the school was and always will be primarily for Catholics who can and will be granted preference whenever open enrollment is available. Likewise, the admission of Catholics also may be prioritized on the basis of parish membership when enrollment spaces are limited and all enrollment procedures have been observed in a timely fashion.
  • Academic & Sacramental records are to be submitted.
  • Birth Certificate 
  • Transfers and health records are required from the previous school.
  • The requirements of the State of Indiana regarding immunization must be observed by all students.
  • Students entering from another Indiana school must have successfully passed the State’s testing program and have been eligible at the previous school for the grade the student is seeking to enter.
  • All new students will be accepted on a provisional, 90-day basis.
  • Student report cards will be reviewed at the end of each year to determine continued enrollment.