St. John The Baptist

Parent Testimonials

We asked parents why they love St. John the Baptist and this is what they had to say:

"I love St. John the Baptist School (SJB).  Two out of my 3 children have graduated from there and my third is currently in the 6th grade at SJB.  We have been a part of the SJB Family for about 17 years now. Having been a product of a Catholic School, I was determined to make sure that my children attended a great Catholic School, too.  SJB was originally not my 1st choice due to its location from our home (a 20 min drive).  As part of my research, I went to visit the school (as I had with the other Catholic Schools).  The minute I entered the building I knew that was the school for my kids.  As you walked the halls, you heard the teachers teaching in the classrooms, kids were interacting and having fun while learning.   As the students entered the office, they were saying hi to everyone and hugging the secretary.  Everyone was so nice and happy to be there.  I fell in love with the place immediately.  I signed my daughter up.  

Now a member of the SJB family for 17 years I can tell you that SJB has the best teachers and staff all around.  The teachers truly care about the students both academically and personally.  They make learning fun and as well as realistic so the kids see how what they are learning can be used in their life today.  The teachers and staff lead by example, they do not ask things of the children that they too don't demonstrate daily.  Most importantly God is always 1st in everything they do.  The religious values that they instill are amazing.  God is present in everything and not just when they attend mass.  They show the kids that as long as God is 1st and center in your life you can do anything.  SJB is also very realistic in teaching our kids that life may not always be easy but no matter how hard things get they always have people around them that love and support them and will always be there.  I love during our festival time seeing graduates of SJB come back to the school to see their me that is the true testament of the imprint that SJB leaves in the hearts of everyone that attends their school and becomes part of the SJB Family (both students and parents).  If you are looking for a school that can be an extension of your family, where you feel comfortable speaking to the teachers where God is always present then St. John the Baptist is the school for you."  Kiki E.

“My husband and I are so grateful to be part of the SJB family. The teachers have been amazing. I appreciate the small classroom setting and the individual attention that each child receives within the classroom. We have two children, Jaime (2018 Alumni) and Adrian (6th grade), they both have received the best education at SJB and their faith for God has helped them grow spiritually.”  Elizabeth G.

"As a family of Saint John The Baptist School, we have to say we absolutely love it. For over the last 7 years we have had the pleasure to experience all the exciting things that it had to offer.  Such a great school. My children couldn't be happier.  The entire faculty really works above and beyond to give these kids a great education at the same time with making it fun!"  Brianna Z.

"This is one of the best choices I made switching my boys to St. John!  The smaller classrooms gave them more individual attention and makes it feel like a family.  When my youngest started in kindergarten he barely knew his ABC’s but before the end of that year he was reading simple books.  They find ways of learning and making it fun for the littles.  My oldest loves being able to do newscasts and playing on the soccer team.  The best part is they are able to share their love of God and grow spiritually too." Melissa M.

"I have been a part of the St. John family for four years, and my daughters are very happy. The teachers are all fun and professional and work hard for their students. My kindergarten daughter loves her classroom and her teacher, especially all of the science experiments, projects, and field trips. My third grade daughter loves that her teacher is fun and playful, and that she gets to do lots of art projects in class and in their after school art program. St. John is a great school with awesome teachers and lots to offer."  David B.

“There are so many wonderful things to say about SJB. It is so much more than an ordinary school. Our son has attended SJB for six years and we have been very impressed. Classes are small and education is personal. There is a strong sense of community and everyone makes you feel like family when you walk through the door. When I drop my son off at school, he is greeted by name, which is very welcoming. We also appreciate the excellent communication, including weekly school newsletters and weekly class updates from teachers. But most importantly our son is being taught faith based values.”  Dana R.

"Our experience with St. John the Baptist Grade School has been wonderful. Our children have been enrolled since kindergarten and they are in second and fourth grade now. The entire SJB faculty/ teachers & staff are approachable, knowledgeable and professional. I am very impressed with the level of care, attention and personalization they give students.  SJB consistently engages with parents and encourages our students to give back with community-focused charities and volunteering events.  Most of all I am confident in SJB providing a safe environment for our students and teachers, especially during these difficult times. Highly recommend SJB."  Lucia T.

"St John is more than just a school, it's a family.  The small classes, super involved parents and teachers that go above and beyond make St John a place like no other.  My daughter has been at St John since preschool and will drop anything when she spots a former teacher to run in for a hug, and she is always accepted with open arms.  If you are looking for your child to be educated and showered with love and care, St John is the right choice."  Kristin O.

"SJB is a great school to educate your children.  My oldest son first started there in 2012.  Being a public school product,  I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I was so pleased with the education and the school in general.  Now my 2 younger sons are there and are thriving all thanks to the fantastic teachers and staff.  SJB makes you feel special and I am so glad to be a part of the Trojan family.  Through these tough times the wonderful teachers devote so much time and effort to further my kids education.  I’m so pleased to have my kids enrolled in SJB and look forward to them continuing to grow and prepare for high school."  John K.

"I have been part of the SJB family for 7 years.  SJB has a wonderful family environment for children to learn and grow in their faith.  Dedicated teachers and staff with awesome parent support."  Deanna S.

"Our daughter is in first grade and is finishing up her first year at SJB and we are so happy that she’s a part of this community.  She broke her leg in the middle of the school year and when she returned to school, we felt such support from her teachers and staff.  We were so thankful that she was at SJB during her healing period.   Throughout the e-learning period, her teacher has been supportive and accessible.  We love being a part of SJB!"  Kelli G.

"We have been a part of the SJB family for 8 years!  Teachers and staff are amazing, they go out and beyond to make everyone feel welcomed!  I couldn’t have picked a better school for my girls."  Ruby A.

"SJB is a great school.  The teachers are FANTASTIC!  My kids love going there and are really happy with their teachers.  Even during the pandemic the teachers are giving the students a great education on-line."  Robin K.

"St. John has exceeded my expectations for online learning.  As I hear from other parents who have frustrated or bored children, I don’t see that effect happening at St. John.  If a school can carry you through a pandemic, that’s the school to belong to!  Thank you to all the professionals that make it happen everyday at St. John, we appreciate you!"  Christine V.

"What a great school!  The teachers are the best and the class sizes are great.  We love our SJB family!"  Sandra V.

"We are a 2nd generation SJB school family.  While searching for a school for our oldest child, we wanted a school with strong academics, but more importantly, demonstrated the same core values encouraged at home.  For the past 18 years, we have been proud to say that St. John has been our school of choice.  Through those years, changes in the staff, the building, the tuition, teaching models and technology have occurred, but the dedication to providing a compassionate, Christ-centered learning environment has not wavered.  As our 2 older children have become SJB Forever Blue and Gold alumni, we continue to be forever grateful to the positive influence SJB has had in shaping them and continues to have on our 2 younger children.  Choose St. John the Baptist and your child(ren) will gain a quality education and a supportive school family."  Laura S.

"Choosing St. John the Baptist School has been the best choices I made for my children’s education. We’ve been part of SJB for 9+ years. We currently have a 8th, 5th and Kindergartener. The teachers and staff are amazing. They show our kids that their education is #1 priority, they show them love and compassion. They take in our kids as if they are their own. St. John has been a 2nd home to my kids and our kids love their school as much as we do."  Sonia C.

"We are so happy to send our children to St. John the Baptist!  The school provides exemplary educational experiences and fosters a love for Catholicism.  With small class sizes teachers are able to provide lots of individual attention and care.  My kids love attending school where they know they are cared for and learning is fun!"  Sarah H.

"An ancient proverb says 'It takes a village to raise a child.' St. John the Baptist has been that village for our family! In times where both parents work it's uplifting to know that the staff at SJB treats students not as clients but as family. The school takes great pride in getting to know and care for all their students. The love given by the school and staff is evident by their students who are genuinely enthusiastic to go to school. The numerous extra curricular activities allow families, students and staff to build their village."  Adrian C.

St. John the Baptist School is a great place for an education. The teachers go above and beyond for each of their students. I have been part of the SJB family for several years now. Living in Dyer,IN, I chose to send my boys to St. John School for many reasons.  Richness in faith in the Catholic Church, quality education, committed teachers, and advanced curriculum.  I feel that not only are my boys getting the best education at SJB, their faith is also growing abundantly each and every day. I am so blessed they have a Catholic Education to help them grow closer to God. SJB is not only a school to my boys, but also a second family to them. I couldn't imagine being at another school."  Elizabeth S.