St. John The Baptist

Finance Council

The Parish Finance Council is a consultative body to the pastor for matters of financial concern.

The council is composed of men and women of faith and integrity, skilled in financial and business matters, who are committed to the mission of the Church. Six to eight members are appointed by the pastor.

The Finance Council meets regularly to conduct a regular review of parish income and expenditures. They relate to the Parish Pastoral Council through the pastor.  A cooperative relationship will include respect for the responsibilities of each respective Council, and open communications between them. A member of the Finance Council should not serve on the Pastoral Council – it is a conflict of roles. It is recommended however, that the chair of the Finance Council review the budget quarterly with the Pastoral Council, and provide assistance to the Pastoral Council and Commissions in developing their part of the annual budget. Resource: Parish Finance Council: Diocesan Guidelines.

Finance Council Members

Fr. Mark Peres

Brian Lowery-Council Chair

Becky Flores- Treasurer

Michael Cornejo

Leo Barron

Tom Markovich