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PHYRE Youth Ministry


PHYRE Youth Ministry

Welcome to Youth Ministry programming within our Faith and School Community.

PHYRE Youth Ministry is an acronym for Peers Helping Youth Reach Enlightenment, created by teens who felt it important to be role models of faith for the younger and older people in our faith community.

This ministry began in 2006 and has grown by leaps and bounds since then. What started with four willing teenagers who wanted to be involved in their faith outside of church, to now a flourishing Middle (6th-8th) and High School (9th-12th) Ministry program well known and visible in our community of faith as well as at the Diocesan Level.

Our Middle School program meets typically every other week from 2:00-3:30pm. The typical meeting location is Benedict Hall Youth Room, which is in the basement of the church, accessible through the School tunnel or Benedict Hall entrance on Benedict Street. The meetings held in September will be held in the Mural or Founders Room of the school.  I meet the youth from the school near the entrance to the tunnel and we either walk over to the youth room or gather in the school meeting rooms. Those coming from public school or who arrive late may use the entrance on Benedict Street or the school Front doors.

Young people will be engaged in prayer, discussion and fun activities that will lead them toward a deeper understanding of Jesus and their role as His disciple. The program content is based on the teachings of the church, current issues as well as the Liturgical Year. We will also focus on the role the young people have in their faith community.

The youth are told that this is their Ministry Program and if they have topics that they would like to discuss, I will do my best to address them, pastorally with the direction always being toward God and Family first.

I invite you the parents to come to our first gathering along with your student, look around at our space, ask questions, meet the leaders and hear the excitement of the young people as they look forward to another year of hands-on ministry. Our calendar is listed on the back side of this letter!

This is a safe environment program for our children; volunteers must be Virtus compliant to volunteer or work with the youth. Call the rectory for further information ext. 106

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Pierogi Fest Update-

Thank you to all who came out and supported this Fund Raiser. Without you this event would not be possible. Until Next year!!!

Pierogi Fest Parking Lot sign up  is now under way. Many volunteers are needed to park cars over the weekend. Please consider donating your time for one of the time slots!

Here is the link > Pierogi Fest Volunteer Sign up


Help Needed

Youth Ministry Office is seeking additional Adults to help lead Youth Ministry events and formation sessions. Please reach out to the office of Faith Formation for more information . 219-659-0023 ext 106  or


Angel Baby 

Phyre Ministry has sponsored the annual Angel Baby Program for over 10 years now. During this time we have provided asssitance to so many young families in need through direct donation or agency support from the donations we have received. Although this year we find our lives far different than in years past, the needs of these families has not ended, but rather increased. With that in mind we will once again sponsor the Angel Baby Program this year, only modified a bit. Please see the link below which will explain the changes.

I pray that you our community members are able to assist us as we continue to help those in most need. If you know of a family that is in need this Christmas season please reach out to PHYRE ministry so we can add them to the Angel Baby list. 

Angel Baby Program Information




If you have any questions about Youth Ministry programming please feel free to reach out to Mrs Jamie Sandona at or call 219-659-0023 ext 106