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Deacon Leo Homily 3rd Week of Advent

                                                                    (1)   3rd Wk. Advent/Memorial St John of the Cross (12-14) #2 Tues. -2


Christmas can sneak up on us, the secular world is filled with Santa’s, our mailboxes can be filled with “Seasons Greetings” cards, and radio stations have been playing songs like “Winter Wonderland” since before Thanksgiving.  And with only a week left until Christmas, even with Coved still around, we can be caught up in a whirlwind of shopping and parties, and celebrations,

That, can make it difficult for Christ to make an impact on us.


And that is why the Church gives us Advent, to help us change our perspective from the secular season to the spiritual realm.  The Santa’s in the malls are dressed in red and white, on Advent Sunday’s the priests are wearing purple.  While Walmart and Target are saying “Come and get it!” The Church says “Wait.”

Television gives us the story of the Grinch, while Scripture speaks of John the Baptist.


And so, as Society rushes all around with visions of elves and reindeer in their head.  Advent says: “Wait”  It says: “Prepare”  It says: “Repent”  It says: “Convert”


Advent, which means, “coming”, is in reality, a time of “waiting”.  From the beginning to the end, the liturgy for Advent, revolves around a tireless refrain:  be ready,   be waiting.         But what are we waiting for? 

What are you waiting for?      Only you alone really know.

But, what should you be waiting for?


The liturgy never tires of telling us, you should be waiting for the Lord, for the coming of a saving Christ.  But, He has come.  He is here. 

 Jesus is here in our midst because we are gathered in His name.  And in a little while, He will be sacramentally present on this table.


So what is there to wait for?  The answer is ------ how, you wait for the Lord.


When a mother is about to give birth.  There can be,  tension,  anticipation, and excitement.  The child who is to come, has been there all along, but has been a hidden presence, a bit unreal at times, not quite believable.  But, when the child comes to light, and is held in the mother’s loving arms.  Then, there is joy and rapture, ----- peace and calm.      And that, is what Advent should be.


Advent is a form of giving birth.  Its function is to bring, a living Lord, to life, in our daily lives.  Christmas, for us, is not a given day, it’s not December 25th. Christmas is when the child comes to life in us.

Christmas is when Christ becomes real in our life: His presence.  His call.


And so, on December 25th enjoy Christmas Mass, with its wonderful carols, enjoy the holy child.  But never forget the strong, bold, living and transforming Christ, He represents.  Tell that little child how grateful you are that He came into this world, and that you will serve Him every day of your life.


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