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May 2020 archive of A message from Father Mark

May 2020 archive of A message from Father Mark

Ascension Sunday Homily

Posted by Jamie Sandona on 5/27/20

ASCENSION AJesus had spent three years with the apostles. For three years they had heard him teachand watched him heal. They had seen him crucified and saw him after he had been raised fromthe dead. And now, the future movement that Jesus had started comes down to these words:But ... Read More »

Re Opening plan May 15

Posted by Jamie Sandona on 5/18/20

May 15, 2020

Dear Friends in Christ,

We are experiencing extraordinary times.  The COVID-19 pandemic has captured headlines, cancelled conferences and sporting events, disrupted travel, shuttered businesses, closed churches and schools, relocated workers to home, and infected and killed tens of thousands of people in the United States.  Like ... Read More »

May 17 Homily

Posted by Jamie Sandona on 5/18/20


Today’s gospel reading is bittersweet.  It takes place at the Last Supper and Jesus is preparing his disciples for his death, resurrection, and ascension.

There’s a lot of separation anxiety going on with the disciples.  The man they gave up everything to follow is ... Read More »

May 10 Homily

Posted by Jamie Sandona on 5/12/20


          Life has a way of killing dreams, doesn’t it!  You set out with high hopes for your career, your senior year at school, your family, and your retirement years.  You have plans and expectations.  But things – as we are presently and painfully ... Read More »

May 3, 2020 Homily

Posted by Jamie Sandona on 5/04/20

FOURTH SUNDAY OF EASTER AToday’s psalm comforts, helps, and inspires us because it’s apparent thatDavid – who wrote the psalm - really believes what he is saying about God. Itcomes across as authentic. With simple beauty, it speaks of green pastures and stillwaters, as well as dark valleys and ... Read More »


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