St. John The Baptist

L 4 Faith Formation Class

L 4 Faith Formation Class

Jan 24- Jesus Forgives

Posted by Mrs Kim Duha on 1/23/21

Jan 24- Jesus Forgives

A loving story!

Simple assignments!

Mass Question

Two worksheets about the Prodigal Son.

Please catch up on missing assignemnts.

Peace Be with You!


Jan 17 - Prayer of Disciples

Posted by Mrs Kim Duha on 1/15/21

A simple assignment and 3 crafts:

Jan 17 Assignment Instructiions

Mass Question Jan 17


Please complete by next Sunday. 

Peace Be with You

Jan 10- Happy New Year

Posted by Mrs Kim Duha on 1/08/21

Jan 10 Class Directions

Assignment as follows:

Answer Mass Question, complete two work pages (supplied in craft bag), and complete the Beatitude wreath.

Please take a picture and ask that it be texted to me or it can be emailed.

Mass Question

Beatitude Wreath Directions






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Dec 20 at 8:30am

Posted by Mrs Kim Duha on 12/18/20

This class was a quick one and students are on two week break.

No assignments for today.

Return to class will be January 10th and 8:30 am.


Merry Christmas!

Dec 13

Posted by Mrs Kim Duha on 12/11/20


We will discussed chapter 12, Responding to God's Call.

Assignment: read 3 pages, complete Mass Question, and complete wooden ornaments.

7 Sacraments

God Calls Samuel

God's Hands

Mass Question Dec 13

Due Sunday December 20th at 6pm.

Dec 6- Son of God

Posted by Mrs Kim Duha on 12/04/20

Hello Parents and My Class,

Assignments are simple. Read over and over what Incarnation means, complete craft stained glass, and answer Mass Question.


Mass Question Dec 6


Peace Be with You

Nov 29 Thanksgiving

Posted by Mrs Kim Duha on 11/27/20

November 29th is a FAMILY FUN DAY!


But i have included a fun page for family to complete.

Scavenger Hunt? Word Play

Please start Advent Wreath Nov 29 and Advent Calendar Dec 1.

We will meet again on Dec 6th.

Peace Be with You


Nov 22 God's Promise

Posted by Mrs Kim Duha on 11/21/20

I did notice some of my students had trouble hearing the lesson. Thank you for the repeated tries to connect properly.  I will try to talk to my IT department to get this corrected.   


Nov 22 God's Promise


Mass Question

2. Poster Directions:

Jesus Names 1

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Nov 15 The Mystery of God

Posted by Mrs Kim Duha on 11/13/20

Hello Class,

Assignments are from Craft bag. Directions on link.

Mass Question

Craft Bag Directions

Mass Question

Please complete and send picture to email or text.

Thank you

Peace Be with You


Nov 8- God's Image

Posted by Mrs Kim Duha on 11/06/20

Great class today! Super simple assignment today: God's Image Mass Question   Peace Be with You      


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