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Good morning parents and students, we will be reading pages 60-61 and watching some videos on the cardinal virtues. 

The Cardinal Virtues pt. 1: Prudence by The Christophers 

■ The Cardinal Virtues pt. 2: Justice by The Christophers 

■ The Cardinal Virtues pt. 3: Temperance by The Christophers

■ The Cardinal Virtues pt. 4: Courage by The Christophers


Zoom class will begin at 12:00 pm
Password to enter is; sent to parents email
Homework; Answer these questions. 
  • How do I accept others?
  • How do I trust others?
  • How do I show compassion?
  • How do my decisions affirm the sacredness of life?
Mass link;       
Mas question; Name one person the gospel included ( Not including Jesus).     


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