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Hello Families.
I have some new information for you regarding Confirmation and the Confirmation Retreat. 
Please when you are finished with this email if you feel you still have questions, call my office- 659-0023 ext 106
With the loosening up of some restrictions it has been decided that all of the Confirmations will take place together at one mass instead of at 2 different masses. See the new information below.
  • Confirmation Mass will remain on April 29th 
  • Mass will be held at 7:00pm for all students. The 5:30 and 7:30 masses have been cancelled. 
  • Each student will have 1 pew and they are able to seat 7 guests in that pew.  Of those 7 guests one of them needs to be the Sponsor.  
  • Originally the number of guests permitted was 5, you have gained 2 additional seats. Please know that all of your guests will be seated in your one pew. Your Confirmation student will also be seated in your pew however they do not count in the guest count. We are at capacity so this number is a firm number and it will not change.
  • Currently I would love to move to just one practice session, however, I know some of you have made arrangements with your sponsors to be at the assigned practice. Therefore I will keep the practice dates the same. See below
  • Group 1-Those who were signed up for the 5:30 mass will have practice on April 20th at 6:00pm
  • Group 2- Those who were signed up for the 7:30 mass will have practice on April 22nd at 6:00pm. 
  • A separate email will come out the week before practice times.
  • All seats will be reserved and we will be at capacity for our building so walkins are not permitted
  • Doors will open for Confirmation mass at 6:30pm. . 
The decision has been made to have a one day retreat instead of a two day retreat. The retreat was originally scheduled for April 10th and 11th.
  • The retreat is now confirmed for Sunday April 11th.
  • Retreat will begin promptly at 9:00am and end with closing mass at 7:15pm. Doors will open at 8:45. Enter Door A of St John School. Dress is casual but appropriate for mass
  • This retreat has an intentional process that the students will work through throughout the day, therefore, they must be present for the entire day. Retreat is required per our Bishop. Permission slips if needed will be sent under a separate email
  • Breakfast will not be provided please make sure your child has eaten before arriving.
  • Retreat is for Confirmation students only. 
  • Cell phones will be collected at the start of the retreat and returned at lunch time and dinner time. If you need to reach anyone during the retreat hours please use my cell phone (219-616-5341)
  • Lunch and Dinner will be provided for the students during the retreat.
  • Snacks will be accepted as donations from families if you are able. We will make whatever is donated available to the students. I will not have other snacks on hand. I will have a water jug available with cups. Suggestions for snacks would be-  Water, cookies, granola bars, snack cakes and bagged chips and crackers are all good choices. These items should be brought in when the student arrives for the retreat. Wer have 38 students who will be in attendance and a team of 12  group leaders and 5 team members.
  • Students will participate in the sacrament of Reconciliation during the retreat
  • Retreat will end with Mass which is scheduled to begin at 7:15pm. This mass is open to family members and sponsors. Reservation will be required for this mass. Please call the rectory to reserve your seats by April 9th. Each student is able to have up to 7 guests for mass. Those without a reservation will not be seated. Doors will open at 7:00pm. Masks are required. This mass meets the Sunday Mass obligation.
  • There is not a fee for the retreat. That is covered in the Confirmation fee. Rather I am hopeful that donations of snack food would be provided.  
If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me. 
Mrs. Sandona


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