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Reflection of today's class and NEXT week's class HOMEWORK!

Hello students!

Today in class we discussed the Stations of the Cross and the purpose of why we visit and reflect on our sins at the Stations.

HOMEWORK:  Write me an email ([email protected]) about a time when you realize you could have handled a situation better. What could you have done differently? Why do you think this moment still bothers you? Have you ever apologized to the other person/people?   How have you grown since this moment?


******NEXT WEEK'S CLASS: We will NOT have a ZOOM because Mrs. Franco will be out of town (I am sorry for the inconvenience. It is a busy time right now. I apologize).

HOMEWORK: Watch the Stations of the Cross videos that are posted on .  Those videos are in order from 1-14 (the number of stations we address). Try to watch those videos as a family or even with one family member and reflect on ways that you have have "sinned" one another. How could you have handled the situation better? How has your relationship grown since this moment. How has your relationship gotten stronger? Please email me your responses at : [email protected]


Have a wonderful spring break! I am proud of all of you!

- Mrs. Stephanie Franco


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