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4/18/21 HOMEWORK assignment - DUE before 4/25/21




  1. Our Faith revolves around the Sacraments. How would you tell someone what a Sacrament is?
  2. How many Sacraments do we celebrate in our Catholic Faith?
  3. Please list the Sacraments.
  4. There are _________________Sacraments of Initiation. What are they?


  1. In Confirmation we receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit. Is Confirmation

the first time we have received the Holy Spirit? YES NO


  1. What Sacrament is central to our Faith? All of the seven Sacraments are

important but this one would be the most important. What is it? (Hint) It is

not Baptism. 


  1. Is Jesus present in the Tabernacle? Yes or No. If so how is He present?

  1. Is Jesus present when we celebrate Mass? Yes or no? If so, how is He


  1. What is the one most important thing we do as Catholics?

  1. What sacrament cleanses us from original sin?

  1. In what sacrament do we meet the forgiving Jesus?

  1. In what sacrament do we receive Jesus in a most special way?

  1. What sacrament prepares us to meet the challenges the Gospel message of

Jesus presents to us?

  1. What sacrament do we receive when we are married?

  1. What sacrament do we receive when we are seriously ill?

  1. If ordained to the Priesthood what sacrament do we receive?

  1. What sacrament was instituted by Christ on Holy Thursday?



  1. On what day do we celebrate Jesus passion and death on the cross

  1. What do we celebrate on Easter Sunday?

20.What do we celebrate on December 25th?

  1. There are two main sections of the Bible? What are they?

  1. What part of the Bible tells us about the people of Israel?

  1. What part of the Bible tells us about the life of Jesus?

  1. How many Gospels are there? What are the names of the four Gospel



  1. What is a Holy Day of Obligation?

  1. Is Sunday a Holy Day of Obligation?


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